How do I clean my Kibou?

Vegan leather exterior: 

Our vegan leather is incredibly durable and super easy to clean. Nearly anything and everything you might spill on your Kibou can be removed with dish soap and water or even a baby wipe!

For everyday dirt and germs: 

  1. Create a cleaning solution with cool water and dish soap (ratio=1 cup of water: 1 ounce of soap).
  2. With a clean cloth, gently wipe down the exterior with the solution.
  3. To remove the soap, thoroughly rinse the cloth until no soap remains, and then wipe Kibou down with damp cloth until all soap is gone.

You can even use an antibacterial wipe to sanitize your Kibou (though we don’t recommend doing this frequently as it can compromise the integrity of the material). 

If a permanent marker or pen has found its way to your vegan leather Kibou, you can try a stain remover like Goof Off (a truly brilliant invention), but use sparingly and don’t expect perfection. We’ve tested it out, and the stain fades significantly, but overuse can compromise the integrity of the vegan leather. 

Canvas exterior: 

For everyday dirt and germs: 

  1. Create a cleaning solution with cool water and dish soap (ratio=1 cup of water: 1 ounce of soap).
  2. With a clean cloth, gently wipe down the exterior with the solution.
  3. To remove the soap, thoroughly rinse the cloth until no soap remains, and then wipe Kibou down with damp cloth until all soap is gone.

For removing a stain:

  1.  Use this same cool water and dish soap solution with a toothbrush  (Note: do NOT use hot water, as this will cause the stain to set). 
  2. Gently move the brush in a circular motion on the stain. 
  3. Use a wet, clean cloth to wipe the bag down (repeat until all soap is gone).

Note: It is okay to submerge your canvas Kibou in cool water (some have even put theirs in the washing machine!) but prolonged soaking or warm water could affect the smooth line of the zippers. 

Nylon lining: The best way to clean the nylon lining is by wiping with a damp cloth and a very small amount of dish soap (or laundry detergent). Let the bag air dry (or use a blow dryer on cool) to allow it to fully dry before you repack your Kibou.

Belt: The belt and buckle can be submerged in water to soak with gentle detergent or dish soap (if you’re able to keep your vegan leather bag out of the water, in the process). 

If your belt is stained, a spray stain remover (like OxyClean) is safe to use on the nylon material, but avoid contact with the metal hardware. How do I clean my changing pad?

We suggest a warm cloth and gentle soap, but if you’d like to sanitize, you can certainly use antibacterial wipes or spray on your changing pad. Give the pad a few minutes to dry before folding back up and stashing in the back flap. 

While the nylon is water-resistant, we don’t recommend submerging your changing pad in water as prolonged soaking could seep into the foam padding and be difficult to dry fully.

Where is Kibou made?

Kibou is designed in Brooklyn and ethically manufactured in Guangdong, China.

Is Kibou safe to use with my baby?

Yes! Kibou is California Prop 65 compliant. In other words, it adheres to the highest safety standards for safe levels/exclusion of harmful or toxic chemicals.

How long do wipes stay wet?

This question depends on many factors including type of wipes, manner of inserting them in the pocket, the zipper remaining closed and your geographic location (altitude, humidity and temperature)! Phew, we’re exhausted by that answer too.

The short answer is from ~3 days to over a week, depending on all of the above. 

So what’s the best trick to keeping wipes moist for longer? 

  1. We recommend placing a stack that remains folded from its original packaging (rather than pulling out and inserting individual wipes). The stack helps to hold in the moisture, and you’re able to pull them out one at a time like you do with your wipes dispenser at home.
  2. Ensure that your zipper is always zipped all the way shut.
  3. Avoid keeping your Kibou in hot, dry places
  4. If you have a moment before you head out, unzip your wipes pocket and check to see that your wipes are still moist. If they have dried out, consider adding a few drops of water to the stack and reinserting them. This way you avoid waste and you’ve rewet the wipes for when you need them next!

What clothing size or waist size is Kibou?

With a belt that extends from 33”-49”, Kibou currently fits waist sizes XS-L. Being size inclusive matters to us, and we are 100% committed to expanding our size inclusion from 3XS-4XL by 2022.

If your waist or cross-body measurements are greater than 49”, please email us info@kiboubag.com and request a FREE BELT EXTENDER. Available in Black, Brown and Blush, as of December 2021.

See this size chart from our friends at Universal Standard to help guide you in determining fit.

What can fit inside a Kibou bag?

Great question! This depends on the size of your diapers and your bottle or other core items you’re hoping to bring along. Are you a wallet person? If so, that may take up some valuable real estate in the main pocket.

In general, you will always have your wipes pocket available for wipes, and the built-in, detachable changing pad (unless you’re no longer using one), your keys, and space for cash, cards and your phone in the front. 

The main pocket can fit 1-2 diapers of any size, car/house keys, a couple of snacks OR a baby bottle and a small diaper cream or hand sanitizer. If you’ll only need 1 diaper or you aren’t using a bottle, there is space for sunscreen or bug spray, a small toy, and extra masks or a spare pair outfit change for your little one.

Remove your changing pad, and you’ll have extra space in the main pocket and in the back flap--a great spot to stash your Bou-Boo Bag or passports when traveling!

Can a baby bottle fit inside a Kibou?

YES! Of course, not all bottles are shaped the same or hold the same amount of milk, so this is somewhat dependent on your bottle. That said, Kibou isn’t designed to hold everything, just a small number of essentials; so if you require space for a bottle, you’ll likely need to limit yourself to one diaper or hold off on other snacks or ointments.

What bottles fit inside a Kibou?

Customers report using: Dr Browns, Como Tomo, PopYum, EvenFlo, and ThinkBaby (without the side handles) among others. 

What sippy cups fit inside a Kibou?

Customers have used the CamelBak Eddy bottle, HydroFlask Kids 12oz, Green Sprouts Sprout Sip & Straw (without the handles). Of course, with our compact size, the bottle will allow for less space for other items, but you can still pack several additional essentials (e.g. keys, sanitizer, phone, cards, snack bar, Bou-Boo Bag). 

What if my bag breaks or isn’t working properly?

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at info@kiboubag.com with any quality issues or concerns. If you can send photos or a video of the issue, this is always helpful in expediting the process of finding you a solution. 

What is your return and exchange policy for Kibous and accessories?

Kibou bags can be exchanged or returned for a refund (to the original payment method) for up to 30 days from purchase date. Accessories must be unopened and in new condition to be eligible for return. All products must be unworn, in new condition, and in the original dust bag packaging (for Kibous) for us to be able to honor a full refund or exchange. NOTE: Return shipping price not included and international sales are final.

What is your warranty policy?


Kibou warrants the products sold to the customer against the defects in material and workmanship set forth below (“Defects”) for a period of one year from the date of purchase. This limited warranty extends to the original purchaser or gift recipient of any product, and is valid only for the period of time the products are owned by the original purchaser or recipient.

This warranty only covers a. manufacturing defects, b. belts that are torn detaching from the bag, c. defective waterproof pockets, d. zippers that no longer open or close. This warranty does not cover cosmetic damage or damage from excessive force (e.g. buckle broken in a car door). 

When will my order ship? How long will it take to get my Kibou order?

When items are in stock, orders are fulfilled within 2 business days of placing your order. If you have pre-ordered an out-of-stock item, the timing to fulfill your order entirely depends on shipping and processing times for inventory. We always have the most up-to-date inventory information on any sold out product page. 

Do you sell Kibou wholesale to retailers?

Yes! We love partnering with boutiques and department stores alike. Please visit our wholesale page for more information: https://kiboubag.com/pages/wholesale

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes! We are on both ShareASale and RewardStyle. You can reach out to us and request approval on those platforms. If you have any questions, please reach out to us: info@kiboubag.com for more information. 


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