About Us

Hi! We’re Kibou. We’re a mom-owned and run business, started in Brooklyn, NY. Co-founders Nell Shapiro and Stephanie Merks bonded over many things as new moms, including their search for the perfect diaper bag. 

So when Nell had the idea to develop her own minimal diaper bag solution, she knew Steph was exactly the partner she needed to bring the beauty and brand of the bag to life. They hit the ground running and spent the next 2 years designing, surveying, testing and tweaking to find the perfect balance between fashion and function.

The result was Kibou -- a bag created to help parents spend less time organizing, double checking, and reorganizing. Less time feeling frustrated and weighed down by stuff.  And more time simply enjoying our little ones. 

At Kibou, we believe that less is more when minimized deliberately. Where “less” includes only what you love and what you need -- what brings value and serves a purpose.

We believe that when you have the right stuff you can enjoy where you are and who you’re with, having the confidence and peace of mind that you’ve got all you need right by your side.




Nell and Stephanie



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